Welcome to NBTA England

National Baton Twirling Association England is a non-profit making organisation formed for the advancement of Baton Twirling and its associated activities. The aims of the NBTA are to provide all athletes and their associates, teachers, judges, parents and corps directors with an active programme of events and to promote the common interest of said events at all levels within a competition structure. The NBTA is framed and held together by two great principles: FAIRNESS AND DEMOCRACY.

On this site you will find information on joining NBTA, what events we offer (see Schedule of Events & Rulebook on Competition page), along with details of our competition dates and venues.    

NBTA England is affiliated to the International Baton Twirling Federation (IBTF), thereby offering its athletes opportunities to compete at both World and European level, in addition to its regional and national events.


View all of the up and coming competitions and how to enter.


View all the results from our recent competitions.


Information about our membership options and prices.



We are affiliated with the World Federation of Baton Twirling.


Guest £10 one off
  • £10 one-off admin charge
  • Open to non-NBTA corps.
  • contestants may only enter one regional competition to try out NBTA
Basic £15 per year
  • This replaces first year membership.
  • Corps registration £35, plus £15 per member, allowing entry into all regionals, but not Nationals.
  • No corps directors and/or clerk passes provided and if any training attended, cost will be more than for full members.
  • Unable to enter England Team selections.
Full £30 per year
  • This is as per existing NBTA membership.
  • Corps registration £35 plus £30 per member. Allows (some at add cost): entry into all regional and national competition, passport training, development training (if applicable).
  • Entry into England Team selections (if correct criteria met).
  • One corps director’s pass, one additional pass (will be issued only in return for providing a clerk at each competition).
  • Plus public liability insurance cover.